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A Groundbreaking Excerpt from “THE SPIRIT OF ROMANCE”

© 2019 Al Cole

Hey, it’s Al Cole.

You know, no matter where I travel, no matter who I meet, if there’s a chance for people to communicate their deepest feelings and values to me, the conversation always gets down to something that all parties can take away forever to their enlightened heart and soul. The conversation always gets down to the many expressions of love itself! It’s a beautiful fact. The more I hear the gripping tales of people around our world, both as a CBS Radio broadcaster and as the host of my own talk syndication “People of Distinction”, the more it hits home that love is the enticing new stranger that we all want to make “the love of our lives.” And yet, it isn’t love itself that we need to re-define, it’s our relationship with love… and why.

“The Spirit of Romance” is not only a book about love, it’s the story of love written from love’s own perspective. In other words, if love could write a book, what would love say? Does love know itself as we know love? Does love feel love or can it only attract love? Elusive territory, but stick with me, it will become clear that love is not only the heart throb of men-women relationships, it’s also our passageway into the depth of other challenging, often extraordinary dimensions: Space, time and spirituality walking hand in hand with our adventurous, unpredictable thorough-course as human beings. Love is unquestionably the beautiful, sometimes hazarding, relationship that we enter into… with life itself!

Some would say we need to know something about life in order to enter into a loving relationship with it to begin with. I don’t disagree. I also add that as we consciously enter into a loving relationship with life, we learn more about what we were born with the knowledge of in the first place: that life is a fascination! And fascination is our key to composing the Autobiography of Love Itself!

But it doesn’t end there. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been searching. Searching inside myself for answers. Searching inside for the reason for my birth. Searching inside myself for a quality that I could not define – a nature so deeply a part of my being that I had to call it “Spiritual Enlightenment”. When I developed the wisdom to define it this way, I also learned that there are at least two types of “Spiritual Enlightenments” open to us on Earth. One is the understanding of who a Higher Power is; the other is the understanding of who our Human Family is. The detailing of both is the ironic adventure of my book “The Spirit of Romance”.

… And as we challenge life a bit, as we ponder the answer to that resigned but revealing question, I can hear someone in dead earnest ask the next obvious question: “Hey Al, you talk so much about love: So how do you define love, brother?”

Oh baby, how do I frame the words? Well, one stab might be, “love is the emotional/energy result of having the courage to become one with the ‘other’ of ourselves in our Human Family. In other words, kissing one’s consciousness! It’s our umbilical chord connection to one another through the power of our understandings of Radiant Source Itself. To this, the one who framed the question, might well answer: “Whoa there, I love that!

Yes, and love offers, as one of its driving forces to our world, the Power of Innocence too!
Innocence? How is that a power?
Well, Innocence is the re-entry into our original birth canal, the coming out of the womb of life… again, to face the challenges of mental and emotional vibrancy; the re-charging of the batteries of our love for life and longings for adventure. Truly with Innocence we are born again, and are re-endowed with the energy spark to become lovers of our world and of our entire Human Family.

I say it starts beautifully in our childhood… and in its finest development enfolds intergenerationally throughout all our lives. We need to nurture unassuming naturalness, so the grown-up in our child can grow delicately to enlightenment; so the child in our grown-up can easily revisit Innocence!

Innocence re-creates us Babies in the womb, ready again to utter the insightful, sparkful words of Baby-Talk! … Of Baby-Talk?

Yes, Baby-Talk. The blissful, unassuming words of spontaneity that hit the heart with Romance and the soul with the essence of the Joy of creating New Life. We are the Embryos of ourselves reborn in age old Wisdom as youthful as puppy love itself.

Hey! I believe in Baby-Talk. In fact, BABY-TALK Rules. Here’s an example. It’s one of my most popular poems built on nothing but Baby-sounds and the epiphanies of a true to life, true to love, Soul Connection.

It’s called “True Love: I Lub You! I Lub You!” And sometimes “On Life”.

Skimpy mic meesin
Mic Meely von moe,
Mic ibry go lycin
Mic baby go slow –

I lub you, I lub you
I say ‘till I die,
Mic mannish von brightzer
Mic reach to the sky –

Mic tabbish, my lubbie
Mic tavish so slow,
I luv you, I love you!
As no one could know.

A Thrilling Audio Excerpt from Al’s provocative book CYNTHANELLA ~ Intimate Romantic Secrets Of An Everyday Woman!

(Narrated by who else? Al Cole, himself!)

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The Power & Inspiration of our HUMAN FAMILY!



If the United States is to live out its destiny of being the number one military and economic power on the planet, it must also live out its responsibility to be the number one humanitarian and virtuous power on the planet too! And if it falls short in this direction, then how are tremendous financial arsenals and devastating weaponries to be justified in the first place? If the United States is to truly be known as the great “melting pot” of the world, then every leader of every “melting pot” group in the nation must come forth with the courage to support his or her brothers and sisters in other groups of the American Family. We’ve come to a crisis point in our society where contending forces must place down their armaments for peace, and each and every member must support other American Family members with the generous gifts of peace of mind. No longer can we tolerate divisive forces in our society which denigrate and humiliate us. Now, more than ever, we need leadership which brings us together through the understanding of the dignity of life and the conviction that “all men and women truly are created equal“. More than ever we need the Freedom Bells of Life, Liberty and the ACHIEVEMENT of Happiness ringing throughout the corridors of our Human Societies. It’s time to revisit the age old axiom “only love can conquer hate” with even sharper vision which can ring true to all sectors of our planet. Let us step up to the plate and let the one thing that we can all agree on – love – guide us through the perilous paths and the inspiring missions of making all of the collective individuals of our country, and of our world, once again a unified Human Family!

… A unified and loving Human Family not only for our present sake, but for the sake of the present that we can give to all of our blessed children to come!

* Please join Al Cole and his great Associates around the world in their Dream for an inspired, unified Human Family… and its imminent and loving Reality!

Please join Al Cole and his great Associates around the world in their Dream for an inspired, unified Human Family… and its imminent and loving Reality!



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