People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards by Abby S.

PDHAPeople of Distinction Humanitarian AwardsPDHA

We’re an organization of “heart and soul”;
Honoring the “unsung heroes” is our goal.

Media’s bombarded us with harmful things that have numbed our senses;
In turn, when we meet people, we put up our defenses.

 Sometimes people treat other human beings with degradation and disrespect;
By doing that there is such a negative effect.

We want to change the way that people see things to be in a positive light;
By honoring the “unsung heroes” as humanitarians will make the future bright.

Having a ceremony with speakers from so many fields;
Hopefully, a more “cool” way of people communicating yields.

So please look into our organization with an open mind;
You will learn a new way of talking and how to be kind.


                                                –Abby S.

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