Manifestation: From Seeds to Flowers

Manifestation: From Seeds to Flowers
By Nomi Bachar

 All of your goals and dreams are seeds of fulfillment lying dormant in the soil of your soul, just like seeds in the winter earth that await the spring to fully blossom.  The same power of manifestation and growth that brings forth lives within you.  Nature has given you the power to realize your dreams, but it is your personal responsibility to nurture them and bring the seeds of your desire to life.

I am sure that you have asked yourself, “Why some people are successful in achieving their goals and others are not?”  Now ask yourself,” why am I able to manifest certain goals in my life and not other?”

Here are some reasons:

  1. 1.       Lack of clarify and focus
  2. 2.       Inefficient work habits (procrastination, lack of organization)
  3. 3.       Low self esteem
  4. 4.       Unresolved trauma and suppressed feelings
  5. 5.       Not taking full responsibility for one’s life
  6. 6.       Fear of commitment
  7. 7.       Fear of failure and/or success

Take a look at the list and circle one or few of the reasons that might be inhibiting your progress, if you are serious about achieving your goals and dreams, you must embrace change and empower yourself to dissolve the inner blockages that stop you.  Do not judge yourself for it as we all have to overcome internal challenges.  Your mindset creates your reality, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that impact your life.  Effective coaching or counseling can help your shift negativity and limiting beliefs.

All six of the above list really stem from one specific one. Can you guess which one it is?

Let’s say that you marked lack of clarity and focus, fear of commitment, and low self esteem.  Ask yourself which one is the cause and which ones are the symptoms.  In this example, the cause is the low self-esteem, the other two are symptoms of the cause.

Let’s take another example. Say you chose fear of failure or success, lack of clarity or focus, and inefficient work habits.  Ask yourself which one is the cause, and which ones are symptoms. In this case your fear is the cause for the lack of clarity and the inefficient work habits. And if we go deeper, we would realize that the fear is there because of low self esteem. So actually, the main cause of our inability to manifest what we want is our poor self image and low self esteem.

One of the most important seeds to attend to is the seed of our sense of self. This is also one of hardest ones to heal if wounded.  What can help us is to realize that we are carrying within us the same consciousness, strength, love, and creativity that is within the universal source. If we think that we are lacking, we need to remember that we are children of the light. The light lives within us as our true essence.  This is the seed to cultivate from which your flower, unique and potent, will bloom.

In this article I would like to share with you a practical and inspiring process that would empower you to manifest your goals and your dreams.  The first step is called Positive Inner Paradigm, this step helps you to strengthen your self -mage and self-esteem.  You will have to do the work that each step presents but if you do you will move forward without a doubt.  I have defined a seven step process that I call “The Manifestation Highway”.

Remember each step builds off the last….no shortcuts on this road to success!

Here are the steps:

  1. 1.       Positive Inner Paradigm
  2. 2.       Vision
  3. 3.       Road Map
  4. 4.       Choices
  5. 5.       Committed Positions
  6. 6.       Forward Motion
  7. 7.       Celebration of Victories


Positive Inner Paradigm

This step is the most important one; if you do not create a positive view of yourself, others and life in general, you will not manifest success.  Most of us get stuck in this step right here.  In the Gates of Power Method® we work towards a deep appreciation of self, others, and life.  Out of that positive soil healthy desires and dreams grow.


In this step you cultivate a clear vision that springs out of your deepest passions, needs, and desires.  The vision needs to be detailed and specific.  You need to be able to imagine ourselves living, doing, and feeling whatever we see in our vision.


This step is about making a plan of action.  The plan should be well thought out, practical, and specific. You need to chart your steps prioritize them and include deadlines and results desired.


You have your vision.  You have your road map.  Now it’s time to make clear choices and decide which steps are going to be done when and how.  Each step on the plan requires of us to make specific choices that will translate into actions.

Committed Positions

Once you have defined your choices you need to make a list of commitments that would serve our choices.  Commitments need to also be specific, “How many by when!” which means how many are we going to do, and by what time and date.

Forward Motion

Now it’s time to take actions.  You have the list commitments and you have to act upon them consistently with focus and discipline.  If you find that certain actions don’t bring you the results that you desire you need to shift and possibly make new choices proceeded by commitments and actions.  Keep your eye on the vision and no matter how many times you fall, you get up, wipe the dust and keep walking.

Celebration Of Victories

Acknowledge even the smallest victories and allow yourself to feel the sense of gratitude and joy about achieving them.  Acknowledge your team and anyone that has supported you in getting there.

Make a commitment to take small daily steps towards manifesting all that you desire.

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