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Al Cole from CBS Radio is one of the most successful broadcasters in the country in digital media talk… and these days, that’s huge. Al is the creator of the nationally syndicated talk show People of Distinction. His brand is unique: Business and creative professionals telling the stories of how their stellar achievements… have helped to elevate our Human Family! Al Cole is in demand with national PR Firms, Book Publishers and Agents who constantly request their clients to be guests on People of Distinction. As a result, Al does more than 300 interviews per year!

* A few of Al’s National Guests have been:

Ken Corday, Executive Producer of NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” / Dr. John Gray, Author of the huge selling “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” / Bill Kurtis, Anchor of “CBS Morning News” / Nancy Soderberg, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under President Bill Clinton / Carol Channing, Broadway’s eternal “Hello Dolly”/ Ken Kragen, Creator of “We Are the World” with Michael Jackson / Tippi Hedren, Star of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”/ Many “Days of Our Lives” Cast Members / Amy Newmark, Publisher of one of the world’s biggest Book Lines “Chicken Soup for the Soul” / Ty Bollinger, Courageous leader of “The Truth About Cancer” / Martha Reeves of Motown’s R&R Hall of Fame group Martha & The Vandellas / George Wallace, Comedian from The Tom Joyner Morning Show & Jerry Seinfeld’s Best Friend


** Also, you’ll hear outstanding shows from Al Cole’s Talk Show Clients on his PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION Broadcast Stream ~ including some of the biggest:

Dee Wallace 148x156 - sharp~ Actress, Dee Wallace. Dee is the actress who starred in Steven Spielberg’s movie classic “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”! Dee played the mother in that film (Drew Barrymore’s mother at the time). Dee’s awesome show Conscious Creationaddresses the beautiful Spiritual realities of every day life.



ABHA-3-THIS-146x205 -sharp~ Attorney & Author, Abha M. Banerjee. Abha’s exciting show BREAK OUT: The Art of Making & Breaking Rulessays it all about coping positively with contemporary life in the US & around the world.





Marc Hoberman-176~ Lighting The Educational Flame with Marc Hoberman. 30 year New York High School teacher Marc Hoberman instructs not only students but also adults in how to honor the Art of Learning and Students of Distinction too!




Rosalind Sedacca - Roz 170 dpi~ DIVORCE, DATING & EMPOWERED LIVING with ROSALIND SEDACCA. Divorce and Relationship Coach Rosalind Sedacca interviews experts on all facets of parenting during and after divorce as well as dating after divorce. She’ll also help you attract a lasting love relationship while protecting the wellbeing of your children.




marc-urbach-pic-188-THIS~ Constitutional expert, Marc Urbach, unleashes his winning & cutting-edge Justice in Americaon Al Cole’s Network. Marc talks openly and insightfully about how we can get back to liberty and justice for all in America. Especially for the 99% of us who need it most!



Crystal Williamson-130.~ Life Coach & Actress, Crystal Williamson, is here every week with “Small Changes Are Huge!” A small change in Crystal’s life that turned out HUGE: Two days after she applied for coach training school, she was laid off from her corporate job. That evening, she received a confirmation letter to join the coaching school (only 20% of people are accepted). There are no coincidences!

~ PLUS, A Wonderful Supporter of People of Distinction: Elizabeth Dulberger

Elizabeth Dulberger ~ 182 -PICLeadership Coach. Business Adviser. Connector. Stimulating Speaker. Opinionated Author with quotes like this: “If you sacrifice principles in order to win; you will ultimately end up without principles and without a win.”  Order Elizabeth’s awesome new book on Amazon: “Smoke & Mirrors: Strategic Self-Awareness for Leaders and Future Leaders”  ~ just click this link ~    

~ AL COLE INSPIRES AUDIENCES with his captivating messages of love: love in our romantic, parental and business relationships that elevate our amazing Human Family. Al’s shows & the shows of his clients, through the Al Cole / People of Distinction Broadcasting Network, all express the same theme:  “Treat Women and all Mankind with the Dignity they deserve!”……..


NBC TV Affiliate Interviews Al Cole – In Support of Women Everywhere!

Al Cole’s story “Angels In Heaven and On Earth” from the New York Times Bestseller “Angels Among Us” thru Chicken Soup for the Soul was an extraordinary hit! Now Al talks about Angels in his unique and eloquent way in the Breezin with Bierman green room before his interview with the dynamic Adam Bierman.

The Humorous Side of Al Cole… and a little naughty too! Lol!

Al Cole taking Listener Calls from his FEMALE “AL COLE-HOLICS” at a CBS Radio Affiliate!

The Sensual Side of Al Cole. Al’s poem “Whish! A Tidal Wave” from his book “Al Cole ROMANCE FOR WOMEN”.

Al’s recitation of his poem, as well the picture of Al’s eyes, inspired his CBS Radio listeners to call Al Cole “Mr. Romance!”

Al Cole “People of Distinction” Wisdom inside a Little Ole Warehouse in Jersey!


al-cole-female-fan-pdha-awards-event-1-originalAl Cole with a Female Fan at our PDHA

al-cole-singing-at-pdha-awards-event-originalAl Cole singing at our PDHA

al-cole-hi-fiving-at-pdha-awards-eventAl Cole “high-fiving” at our PDHA

al-cole-checking-out-pics-at-pdha-eventAl Cole checking out pics at our PDHA

al-cole-honoree-from-africa-pdha-awards-event-61-crop-2-img_2937Al Cole awarding an African princess at our PDHA


* NOW Al Cole is organizing his 2017 Talk Show, National Events, Speaking & Promotions Agenda.

 * If you would like to have your or your associates’ professional work featured on Al Cole’s National Agenda, contact Al now at or call 508-669-6987 and leave your message. Al Cole and his staff will be happy to arrange a professional phone chat with you to discuss all possibilities.


Regarding business & creative opportunities in any of his services listed below, please feel free to reach out to him at: or 508-669-6987.

~ AS A NATIONAL VOICE-OVER ARTIST and owner of his own recording studio, Al is hailed as having one of THE BEST PROFESSIONAL VOICES in the country. Al offers excellent Business Advertisements, Narrations, Audio Book Reads & Voice Work of any type. Call Al today… and see if you like what you hear!

~ AS A TOP-RATED COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST Al offers one of the best Communications Training Courses in the business. He’s helped hundreds to get their professional and creative messages up to speed as well as helping to open some doors for them too. Al believes in impact! So his Impact Training Sessions will get you up to speed with the all important issue: what is it that you really want to say… and how best to say it!

~ AS THE OWNER OF ONE OF THE MOST CUTTING EDGE BROADCASTING NETWORKS IN DIGITAL MEDIA Al offers fabulous opportunities for you to air your current or prospective talk show on his national network.

~ AS THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION HUMANITARIAN AWARDS Al can help you with Honoring, Speaking & Sponsoring opportunities at his inspiring national events.


~ AL COLE IS UNIQUE! A natural Renaissance Man, able to communicate on all of today’s thought, artistic, consulting, relationship and spiritual streams. He’s truly honored that his fans have affectionately called themselves AL COLE-HOLICS”!

Al Cole-Holics Arise… for a Better World of Women/Men Harmony!


 ~ AL COLE… Creating excellence in people’s lives! ~

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