Al Cole from CBS Radio is speaking magic in this video recorded inside a warehouse in New Jersey! You can email Al Cole for more information on all that he does at

Al is host of the nationally syndicated talk show “People of Distinction“, inspiring interviews of creative professionals who have helped to elevate our Human Family through their outstanding work. Al is also the creator of the groundbreaking “People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards“, honoring the achievements of exemplary “Unsung Heroes” in our world.

~ Al Cole was delighted by one of his fans’ observations of this video: “Some produce video masterpieces from million dollar staging and tons of state of the art video cameras. Al Cole has created a video masterpiece in a little ole warehouse in Jersey, with nothing but social sense and his Executive Assistant’s loving iPhone!

~ Al himself says: “Some motivate people to make money. I like to inspires people to create Consciousness… ironically, from their deepest un-Conscious. What does that mean? The overriding urge of our conscious existence is to be happy, to create love in our lives. First and foremost, our deep un-Conscious whispers to us ’love one another, Love our Human Family.’ When we bind these two together, our conscious urge for love and our deep un-Conscious whisperings to honor ourselves as brothers and sisters… bam… We create the true Consciousness of love in our everyday, beautiful lives!”

THE GREATEST SPEECH EVER GIVEN… Inside a little ole warehouse in Jersey!


One of the mottoes that Al Cole is known for is: “Treat women with the dignity that they deserve!” In this clip from his appearance on an NBC show, Al proves his dedication to that motto with some awesome advice for women who have called in.

NBC Interviews Al Cole – In Support of Women Everywhere!


Al Cole, from CBS Radio and Director of THE PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, was quoted as saying “It all started as my New Year’s resolution to honor Humanitarian “Unsung Heroes” who make the world a better place. I’ve been blessed to have built a National Awards Committee of outstanding, dedicated professionals, largely those who have appeared on my syndicated talk show “People of Distinction”. Our incredible People of Distinction “Unsung Heroes” make every event an amazing sold out reality! Each of our galas prove again and again that there are more positive things going on in our world than negative. The next thing I may do is start a phenomenal 24/7 GOOD NEWS NETWORK!”

~ The background music to this video, “Human Thunder”, was composed, performed and recorded by PDHA Director, Al Cole.

UNSUNG HEROES Make The Best Heroes ~ 2015 Style!….


One of Al Cole’s many broadcast innovations during his 10 year veteran career at CBS Radio was the creation of his very popular “Love Tips with Al Cole” feature. It was an offshoot, at the time, of Al’s best-selling book of his romantic poetry and humanitarian prose titled “Romance for Women… and for all Mankind“. Al’s “Love Tips” feature was a daring move, and a brilliant one too: “Love Tips” taught guys to treat women, especially THEIR woman, with the love and respect that all women deserve! Needless to say, it was an instant hit with the ladies… and amazingly (though Al said “very predictably”) a major favorite with guys too.

Al’s fans flocked to the clarion call and affectionately called themselves “AL COLE-HOLICS“! A crop of Al Cole’s magnetic blue eyes became a famous icon and trademark. Those incomparable “AL COLE EYES” were used on many of Al’s radio clips and special features throughout that period. Women were delighted with Al Cole’s radiant blue eyes and dubbed Al their “Mr. Romance“. Men are said to have seen Al’s blue eyes as “the eyes of Buddha upon them.

CBS RADIO Interview: WOMEN & ROMANCE ~ Al Cole