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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZTITO-193-SPDan “Tito” Davis is the author of an awesome book titled Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive. An unlikely humanitarian hero, Tito has turned his life around by helping young people down the positive path right from the start! Visit Tito at https://gringobook.com/

~ PLEASE VISIT AMERICAN HEARTS RADIO WEBSITE – www.americanheartsradio.com

They Honor our US Troops, Veterans, First Responders, MIA’s and P.O.W’s. They are Family Oriented. Bringing the Hearts of America together by Streaming Live Radio Shows from Coast to Coast , Supporting Independent Artists and Spinning Timeless Music. Please Contact us. They thank you for  your support. Become a sponsor today!!

Call: (904) 229-8150 - Affordable Rates – Live Worldwide Radio Broadcast’s – Live Event’s and WEB TV Show Production’s.

Please Subscribe to their YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P52cyqwBNE



~ Fagan & Associates, Inc is a network Life and Business Coaching Organization. They’re masters at motivating others to reach their full potential and achieve their greatest dreams.CEO Steve Fagan’s Motto is: “Live with Pure Love in Your Heart, and Pure Honesty on Your Lips.” http://faganandassociates.com

NIX~ N-iX Partners Inc is an International software engineering solutions and graphic design services company. N-iX Partners Inc is your one stop shop in IT consulting and staffing, custom software development, QA/testing, technical support, graphic design, video production and advertising services. Our main goal is the success of our clients! http://www.nixpartners.com/

Shelly D. Mahon (SPONSOR) - 220-SHARP _ProfPhoto~ Shelly D. Mahon holds a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. She is the author of an online program Apart, Not Broken: Learn, Connect, & Create, originally developed to help fathers adjust and parent after divorce or separation.  She is the Divorce and Family Relationship Specialist  for the Creating Champions for Life Global Academy, an online resource to help heal, unite, and empower families. In addition, she is the Executive Director of the Parent Engagement Network (PEN), a non-profit supporting parents in providing for the social, emotional, and mental well-being of youth.  Mrs. Mahon’s 25 year career has a consistent theme of providing the resources, information, and support families and communities need to thrive. http://shellydmahon.com/ & http://www.apartnotbroken.com/

PAUL GILBRIDE FAMILY ~ 270 SHARP~ Paul Gilbride describes himself as a “recovering CPA”, because he took a hiatus from his high pressure, stress-filled job to be closer to his children… and allow his wife to pursue her career opportunities too. Wow! What a Wonderful Life!! The Happiness that comes from a life of love will “trickle down” to our spouses, family, to all the world, and will light up our entire Human Family! http://www.trickledownhappiness.com

TOM GAGLIANO- 170-sharp~ Tom Gagliano is a well-known TV & Radio Personality and author of the amazing and telling book: “The Problem Was Me!” This must read book was co-authored with Dr. Abraham Twerski. You may have seen Tom on TV or heard his popular radio interviews covering family relationships, intimacy and substance abuse. Marvel now as you view three of Tom’s powerful videos: Tom’s 4-minute Master Video:http://bit.ly/1g04oK4 / Tom’s TV appearances including “Joy in Our Town” discussing family intimacy:http://bit.ly/1jzmdO7 / Tom’s substance abuse video:http://bit.ly/15xWPTE 

** ALSO, access Tom’s Speaker Kit:http://www.thomasgagliano.com/speaker-kit/

Tom Gagliano, MSW ~ Insightful Life Mentor, Author & Speaker!

PASTOR CHUCK-186-SHARP~ Pastor CHUKWUNENYE ONUOHA: Pastor Chuck” has lead a life of service to others… in Africa & in the USA. Originally from Nigeria, he now leads “God’s Cover Church International” in Queens, NY. Pastor Chuck has supported the poor, been charitable to charities and has put the “L” of love back into the “L” of life! Visit “Chuck” at www.godscoverchurch.org

JILLIANA RAYMOND -158~ JILLIANA RAYMOND: Author, Soul Therapist, Reflexologist! She’s author of the great book “New Beginnings: Elements of Change”. This is a fascinating reference tool for understanding the energy exchanges among life relationships: spiritual, personal, business, governmental & environmental. Learn more at: www.JillianaRaymond.com

NomiBachar 161~ NOMI BACHAR: Nomi is the Founder and Director of the White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living, LLC, and the creator of the Gates of Power method. Ms. Bachar is dedicated to the art and craft of human growth and transformation. Reach out at: www.gatesofpower.com


MAX CURE 181-THIS~ MAX CURE FOUNDATION: Roaring for a cure” for Pediatric Cancer!” Think about it. If good parents are willing to protect the lives of their own children, then good parents in our Human Family need to protect the lives of allchildren. So Roar for a Cure at: www.maxcurefoundation.org

Helen_Woo_190~ HELEN WOO: Helen has learned the SECRET of turning struggles to Success! Her awesome book: “Self-Aid: Inspirations to Turn Struggles Into Success“. Positive thinking, positive action, are positive outcomes. Visit Helen at: www.TheHelenWoo.com


miguel_bernard - 199~ MIGUEL BERNARD: Our Photographer/Videographer!

CEO of Bernard Production, Miguel’s a graphic artist & financial coach too. He makes you look good on camera and then off camera too! Contact Miguel: 917-523-0246 or bernardproduction@gmail.com

RODNEY 185~ RODNEY JOHNSON: Our Photographer/Videographer!

A playwright & a poet. His play “Lion Mountain” is a growing favorite in New York. Contact Rodney at: 646-626-3814 or fullcycleproductions & info@sierraleoneonstage.com

Andrew Christopher-188-sharp~ Andrew Christopher: Our all important Sound Man!

Andrew Christopher Productions

914-715-1769 ~ vinis1313@hotmail.com

Some of the best sounds west of the Atlantic!”

FIVE - 169~ FIVE-X: Event Performer!

Five-X is a talented, positive rapper from New York who made a great appearance on Al Cole’s national talk show “People of Distinction”. Five-X and his partner, Jonathan Siksay, will perform their awesome new tune “Flying Again!” Contact Five-X: fiv3x@yahoo.com

Jonathan Siksay - 158~ JONATHAN SICKSAY: Event Performer!

Jonathan is one of the new breed of young musical performers who gets into the cool, acoustic sounds. Melody and great lyrics are his trademark. Contact Jonathan: jonathansiksay@yahoo.com

MITCHEL - 189~ MITCHEL PALAZZI: Event Performer!

Mitchel’s just 21, a college student in Pre-Law… but he’s shifting gears and pursuing (like his uncle Al Cole!) his love & passion for music. He’ll perform some ear dazzling super-fast rap! Contact Mitchel: MPalazzi@umass.edu

NATOLI'S 2 -228 - CROP -~ Natoli’s Pizza makes your meal great with their neighborhood famous Family Dinners. Enjoy their delicious collection of featured meals. They even help you prepare a HOMEMADE meal in the kitchen! http://www.natolis.com


~ I-Ness Integrations, LLC has been bringing “like-minded” individuals, groups and businesses together for years to spread awareness of powerful new concepts that have changed lives and created wealth, health and peace for individual whom they have touchedhttp://www.inessintegrations.com

Paul Finck 170 - Sponsor sharp-Headshot Pointing~ Paul Finck, the “No Excuses Results Coachis a Personal Life/Business Consultant, Best Selling Author and International Trainer. He’s worked with people all over the world on how to master their mind to master their life and take control of their destiny. Paul’s successes include moving multi-millions of dollars in Real Estate, and over $15 million in informational products in the last 6 years! http://paulfinck.com


~ Jacques & Linda Patenaude: Fang Shen Do: Sijo Jacques Patenaude is the main founding member of Fang Shen Do (“Way of Survival”), the largest chain of kung-fu schools in Canada! Jacques is also the originator of the program “How To Dramatically Cut Your Workout Time… To A Mere 10 Minutes Flat!” You’d have to love all that extra time in your life… AND getting super-fit too!

JACQUES & LINDA PATENAUDE www.fangshendo.com


METIS GROUP LOGO~ The Metis Group is a professional services firm, providing solutions-driven consulting services to public, private and non-profit organizations. They have a track record of success in assisting clients in operational and organizational improvements across industries, marketplaces and sectors. They unlock the value behind assets and identify market opportunity and timing to generate money.  www.themetisgroup.com

Coco-Newton - 165x216~ Coco Newton, MPH, RD, CCN  Coco is owner of Lifetime Nutrition, LLC, a private practice in Plymouth, Michigan, focused on the use of integrative and functional nutrition therapy in treating chronic disease. Coco incorporates a person’s unique biochemical, genetic, lifestyle, environmental, and health history into an individualized dietary and supplementation plan designed to optimize health.  http://www.coconewton.com


If it's not mainstream, it's on BBS Radio.~ The BBS Radio Network is a place for answers! Discover the many choices you have to acquire arcane knowledge, learn hidden truths, explore controversy and conspiracy, delve into the New Age and develop your spiritual awareness. Get access to our audio archives and help us continue to bring out the very best talk radio programming on the Planet! www.BBSradio.com

 Anita Roberts 165x165

~ Dr. Anita Roberts: President of TIA & Associates, A Congressional Recognized Woman Owned Business! Anita is a business consultant and procurement specialist, She’s focused on business development, grant-writing for non-profits and for profit businesses, and NGO’s related to the United Nations. Contact Dr. Anita Roberts Office: 609-330-3566 roberts.anita@yahoo.comroberts.anita@gmail.com


ROSEANN DREW - smaller~ Window Designs by Roseann“. CEO, Roseann Drew, is doing a phenomenal job with her in-demand & imaginative designs. “Window Designs by Roseann” is moving its way up the ladder of success of innovative, captivating designs for all tastes… and many of the best Christmas Stores around the country now carry her outstanding designs! Email Roseann at: WindowDesignsbyRoseAnn@msn.com