Carla Ferrer: Professional Life Coach, Transformational Seminar Leader, Author, Keynote Speaker, Certified Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert, ID Life National Presidential Director

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Carla Ferrer is a pioneering Life Coach in the field of transformation and consciousness for healthy lifestyle living.  For over 18 years, her work has focused on sharing both her personal and professional experience addressing the whole being, mind, body and spirit; empowering profound personal and professional break-throughs for individuals and organizations throughout the United States and United Kingdom (EU).

As a professional life coach, transformational seminar leader, author, keynote speaker, certified nutritionist, weight loss expert, international ambassador against obesity, corporate wellness program(s) developer, philanthropist, model and ID Life National Presidential Director, Corporate Trainer, and Field Leader, Carla marries her depth of wisdom and insight, with passion, humor and sensitivity to empower individuals in awakening to the brilliance of who they are; Bridging The Gap Between Impossible And Attainable!

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Jill Lindquist: Author & Vice President of the non-profit organization ‘Breast Milk for Babies’


Jill Lindquist, like many other women, has many roles in her life. She is a Registered Nurse, a Public Health Nurse, a Lactation Consultant and wife and proud mother of three breastfed children. She has been an RN for over 26 years and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for 19 years. Her career has always been centered on mothers and babies, which is exactly how she likes it! With hospital experience ranging from high risk pregnancy to delivery and the premature infant, Jill is familiar with all aspects of pregnancy and the newborn. She also has experience with home care visits, home birth lactation consultations and case management. Jill understands what happens in the hospital and beyond.

She has been a driving force for improving and expanding hospital based lactation programs and initiating the use of human donor milk within these facilities. Her passion for breastfeeding, helping mothers and getting babies off to the best start possible lead her to write her book seriesYour Breastfeeding Coach” Her communication and teaching style has touched thousands of families and assisted them to have the breastfeeding experience they desire.

Jill’s accomplishments and awards:

Developed and implemented the use of human donor breast milk in the NICU and Newborn Nursery at 2 metro hospitals

  • Guest speaker at AWHONN’s annual breastfeeding conference for two years
  • Nominated Harold Ecker Award for excellence and professionalism
  • Nominated for March of Dimes ‘Nurse of the Year
  • Guest speaker at the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition annual conference
  • Nominated for Health Partners ‘Innovation Award’ for infant nutrition, improved care and outcomes
  • Received IBCLC Care Award recognition for development of an outstanding lactation program
  • Vice President of the non-profit organization ‘Breast Milk for Babies’ to help bring a human milk bank to Minnesota

One of her most treasured roles is as Vice President of the non=profit organization Breast Milk for Babies.  Breast Milk for Babies is the funding organization that has started a non-profit organization that is part of HMBANA. The goal is for Minnesota to have a donor human milk bank site.

The mission of Breast Milk for Babies is for pasteurized donor human breast milk to be available for premature and newborn babies with health challenges by establishing a non-profit human milk bank for Minnesota and the surrounding regions.

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Max Fennell: Aspiring to be The First Pro African American Pro Triathlete!


Having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, Max took to competitive sports as a way of actively expressing himself and where his attention could truly be focused. Always playing at the highest level regardless of sport and accumulating numerous awards and records; after 2 years of playing college soccer max had made the decision to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Two weeks before tryouts for a semi-professional team max suffered what some may consider a career ending injury, spraining his MCL in a pick up soccer game and ending all hopes of playing soccer ever again.

Confused and lost with what direction to steer his life, Max met a man by the name of Brian Sullivan, while working at a local coffee shop in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Brian suggested he compete in a local Triathlon, the PHLY Tri, and lent him his old triathlon bike made by Elite Bicycles. Under the guidance and support of Brian, Max ended up placing 7th in the race and they decided he should continue with triathlons to see where it might take him. Brian mentored Max the rest of his first season to podium in 4 of his 6 races and ended his first season with an age group win.

Max is currently in his 4th season, coached by exercise physiologist Shannon Grady and has already coached him to numerous PRs and two overall race wins. Through smart system based training, along with attaining his professional license, Max and Shannon’s main goal is for him to compete in the Olympics.

Max’s dream is to inspire others to realize their personal greatness, to instill hope, that through will determination and dedication they can achieve their dream.

“That is why I tri, I remind myself that it is possible to achieve whatever it is I desire, no matter what I face, nothing compares to the voice inside my head telling me to give up on myself. It is silenced by my action, my thoughts, my encouragement that what I am enduring now will pass and I will always TRY to be more than what I tell myself I can’t be.”


DR JENN ROYSTER: Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Visionary, Speaker, Writer and Radio Host of The Jenn Royster Show 


Dr Jenn is an internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Visionary, Speaker, Writer and Radio Host of  The Jenn Royster Show , a popular international radio show that airs on Transformation Talk Radio 1230am WBLQ, and DreamsVisions 7 Radio Network 1510am WUFC Boston and syndicated to over 430 stations worldwide.

She holds several degrees including Doctor of Divinity, Ordained Spiritual Minister, M.S in Metaphysics, and Reiki Master. Jenn is well known for her innovative style in Intuitive Reads, Energy Healing, Spiritual Crisis Support and Guidance, Akashic Record Reads, Soul Retrieval and Support for Empaths. Her work with empaths has gained respect with many Medical Doctors and Psychologists, who refer patients to her for Spiritual Counseling when clinical routes show no results. A positive move forward in showing the importance and power that Energy Healing brings to healthcare.

As a visionary, Jenn has always seen Energy Healing as the ultimate advancement humanity has been searching for in healthcare and that there is hope for the future of humanity through choice. A choice to live, love and be the happiness we so desperately seek in our lives. She believes it can help everyone with some aspect of their lives, whether their personal problems are emotional, physical, or spiritual in nature. She has seen through experience that energy healing is powerful healing.

Her Spiritual gifts made themselves known at an early age through intuitive connection to Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones crossed over, and through Intuitive Painting. She realized that her gifts could be used to help many people discover their true selves, and live fuller happier lives, the way they were intended to. Now that she has realized her purpose in this world, she is actively living it out, and she wants the same for those around her. She fully understands the need of a calling in this life, and how knowing what it is can bring inner peace and joy to all.

Jenn’s clients span across the world and she has inspired many as an inspirational writer, speaker and teacher sharing her knowledge and discoveries in life through Articles, Channeled Angel Messages, Radio, Video, Workshops, Webinars and Private Sessions. She has dedicated her life to spiritual healing and helping people who need emotional and spiritual guidance, she is passionate about it and has the experiences needed to carry out her courageous mission.

Her live workshops, webinars and lectures include: Intuitive Development, Raising Intuitive Children, Energy Healing, Life of an Empath, Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides, Deprogramming the Doubt, The Eight Chakra and Intuition, Manifesting Your Dreams, and Intuitive Painting.

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Jim Hamilton: Author and Visionary

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Author, Visionary, Coach and Believer that by re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source, we become the means by which viable solutions become available for a planet in need of a few good ideas.

My interests revolve around teaching personal empowerment based on fundamentals. By re-enabling our natural state of connection with Source (Innate Intelligence), we partner with the Order that everything shares. In this capacity, we become powerful beyond belief, i.e., we exhibit the characteristics of compassion, unconditional love, a solutions-orientation that knows no bounds, and a capacity to deliver solutions to a world in need of a few good ideas!

I have been fortunate. I have been meditating for 40 years (since 1973). When I was young, I learned how to combine goal setting and meditation and retired when I was 30. After a number of years of big boat sailing, I started to do consulting and then wrote my first book, Visionaries Thrive In All Times. I now have three books and about 120 articles and a system based, in part, on neurofeedback for rapidly advancing personal (and collective) consciousness.

It is my belief that the only solution for a planet seemingly a bit out of control is for the human species to become more conscious (mature). Meditation is great as an introspective tool but takes a lifetime or longer. CORE Resonance Training™ is a means of rapidly advancing consciousness by quieting the brain and nervous system through proprietary exercises such that the brain “cleans itself up” – itself! No programming or other invasive techniques, but the end result might be similar to defragging a hard drive, i.e., performance jumps significantly.

As we quiet the brain, our very subtle connection with Innate Intelligence becomes evident and we learn how to build on this connection. As we build this connection “home,” we begin to relax. As we relax, our personal reality creating begins to shift for the better. As we build this partnership with Innate Intelligence, we begin to become more whole (mature). We begin to see with “new eyes,” new perceptions and new capacities for contribution.

In partnership with Innate Intelligence, our true and rightful persona, we make far better decisions and inadvertently more usefully influence the whole. In partnership with Innate Intelligence, Presence and Guidance become available and we become exponentially contributive. In this partnership, Innate Intelligence delivers solutions “through us” to a world in need of a few good ideas.

We become hosts for Innate Intelligence expressing and experience “the ride of our lives.” It’s what we came here to do.




The Twelve Premises of CORE Resonance Colonies


Tess Cacciatore: Award-Winning Producer; Advocate for Peace, Justice, and Equality

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Tess is an award-winning producer for the past 20+ years in the areas of entertainment, technology and philanthropy. She is the Co-Founder & COO of The Global Women’s Empowerment Network.

Tess has dedicated her life to advocating for peace, justice, and equality around the globe. She has traveled the United States and abroad as a humanitarian documentary producer and activist, while conducting empowerment and mentorship programs to empower people and to eradicate unjust systems that are a plight to humans, animals and the environment. Tess uses her voice as a vehicle to bring awareness and activate people to take a stand for making changes in the world.

Tess’s career as a producer in the entertainment and technology industries drives the global productions of GWEN and now her 20 year vision of a global online television network of empowerment has launched under the umbrella of GWEN. Check out GWENNetwork TV.

Throughout her life, Tess has spoken regularly at international platforms on behalf of children and the imperative use of media and technology to bridge cultures of the world. She has addressed thousands of people through conferences, workshops, and festivals, and millions through radio and TV appearances. Cacciatore’s media appearances include: “The Today Show”, “Prime Time with John Stossel”The Manny Alvarez Show (FOX) and local TV news in cities such as: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin, New York. Tess has appeared as a guest on numerous global radio programs, as well as hosted her own radio show (now webseries GWEN Talks).

Tess has brought her story to many publications such as: Family CircleThe New York TimesThe Los Angeles TimesThe Chicago TribuneThe Des Moines Register, and Parenting Magazine. In 2003 Cacciatore was awarded the Fete d’Excellence from Sub-Commission for Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland for her work in educational entertainment and continues to use her voice to speak out and produce events in conjunction with the United Nations from 2000 to present day. Her passion is to reach the “powers that be” to change local and international laws to protect women and children globally.

Some of her more notable efforts include raising funds to feed 1.3 million children annually through social media and micro donations (FEED 333 from 2004-2007) building 38 homes in Sri Lanka after the 2005 Tsunami, creating the YOUR VOICE YOUR CHOICE global campaign to assist young leaders in Africa, along with humanitarian collaborations that include delivering safe drinking water filters, music instruments for students, beds and nets to protect children from malaria, and humanitarian relief in United States, Thailand, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, and more.

Prior to co-founding the Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Cacciatore was founder and executive director of the World Trust Foundation, an organization mentoring youth to become future leaders working together towards a sustainable world. Over the past decade, Cacciatore has traveled the globe connecting youth-focused nonprofit organizations and inspiring youth to take action towards positive changes in their lives, local communities, and global community.


Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD!

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Lynette Louise left school at fifteen, married and had two children before turning twenty. By the time she was twenty-nine she had adopted four toddlers, all boys with varying degrees of autism. “I started as a foster parent who intended to adopt,” says Lynette,”I just couldn’t stand that the kids would be bounced from home to home. I had to keep them!” Along the way she added two troubled teenage girls to the mix, one with learning disabilities, completing the family with eight children in all. The story of how these children not only survived but flourished is a testament to Lynette’s persistence, unconventional approaches, and steadfast love.

A believer in the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” Lynette found that her beautiful brood required a village that didn’t seem to exist. One with a willingness to see possibilities when they are hidden or unfamiliar, and one with a passion for rolling up their sleeves and doing the work of helping with love and creativity. So, when there seemed to be no village that met her children’s needs available, she dedicated her life to creating one. For her children, and for the children of the world.

In 1994, Lynette and family went on a North American Prison Tour, performing music and inspirational comedy meant to teach the art of making something good out of something bad. The trip was partly financed by selling her CD “Sing Me A Song….Please!” at truck stops along the way. Always, sharing with anyone who’d listen, the message of making something good out of something bad.

Later, in 2003, Lynette discovered the Option Process, a treatment that stresses one-on-one play with the parent as therapist. Eventually she received certification as an Option Counselor and later became certified as a child facilitator by the Autism Treatment Center of America.

Eventually Lynette’s children grew and went out into the world, all independent except for Dar, her slow moving miracle. It was largely because of Dar that Lynette discovered neurofeedback, biofeedback for the brain. A non-intrusive medication free way to guide the brain to a more comfortable state. And with a desire to take what helped her family and gift it to the world of struggling parents, she became a certified neurofeedback practitioner studying under leaders in the field, including Catherine Rule of Northhampton, Massachusetts and Dr. Harold Burke of Westlake, California. Lynette now holds two board certifications in neurofeedback and is working on her PhD in Psychology with a specialty in Psychophysiology at Saybrook University.

In 2004 Lynette Louise founded Brain and Body, a treatment center for autism and other brain disorders. Well, that was the original thought, but Lynette quickly realized that traveling to her clients is the quickest and most effective way to encourage positive growth and change.

Today Lynette travels the globe with a passion for teaching the power of belief married with a working knowledge of the brain and it’s very real ability to, when not functioning optimally, make the world challenging. Luckily, she is also able to show you how to guide your brain to a place of closer comfort, where it will work with you, rather than against you.

Because Lynette wants to share her message with the world of busy parents who have exhausted brains–and because she is a strong believer in having fun!–Lynette has written a one woman musical comedy show Crazy To Sane–which offers brain science, music, comedy, and tears–and offers it FREE of charge every April (Autism Awareness Month). She has written three books, creates Autism Tips with Tricks videos, hosts the popular podcast A New Spin on Autism: Answers!, and has even traveled to Uganda for her international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with THE BRAIN BROAD aired on The Autism Channel. For all of these projects Lynette’s pocket is the primary source of funds though some of her clients and colleagues have donated along the way. She also writes articles, makes inspirational music videos, answers questions on Facebook… the list of ways Lynette reaches out to the world is endless.

Lynette loves to meet families and come to their homes for an outreach. She adores the children and their parents, and is thrilled to offer the answers she searched and fought hard to discover. But Lynette also knows that the numbers of people she can reach this way is small. So so small.

And so she performs, speaks, shares on the radio, creates, creates, and creates in order to offer to a wider audience the gift of seeing possibilities and making friends with your challenged children. With all of our children. Because it takes a village to raise a family, and this village could use a little bit of believing.

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Laura Kronen: Diabetic Who Thrives Both In Spite Of & BECAUSE OF Her Chronic Condition

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Laura Kronen has accomplished many things in a 23-year career that was nationally recognized by Inc. Magazine when it featured her as a top entrepreneur of the year.  But she’s most proud of something that others go to great lengths to hide or downplay – she’s a diabetic who has learned to thrive both in spite of and because of her chronic condition.

It’s no surprise that Laura has a positive, even empowering attitude. She has served as the CEO of Be You Only Better, a transformational life coaching company she established six years ago. She provides motivational, entrepreneurial, health and wellness, and relationship coaching. Her life coaching techniques have literally changed people’s lives and enabled them to live up to their truest potential, giving them the necessary tools to achieve their dreams. She also founded the Be You Only Better Institute of Coaching to train other coaches in her unique and proven techniques and strategies.

Laura is the author of a new book, Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes. As a Type 1 diabetic, Laura is active with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and helps others find strength in overcoming the challenges of living with a disease that now afflicts 29 million Americans.

Her Be You Only Better blog features daily self-help articles on a variety of useful topics, from building self-confidence to facing fears to dealing with chronic disease. She also provides top reviews of fitness, beauty, and skincare products and services from all over the world.

Before making the rewarding transition as a life coach, Kronen introduced a number of innovative products to the marketplace.  A visionary, Kronen created Belly Ups, which holds women’s low-rise pants and leggings up during pregnancy.  Earlier in her career, after more than a decade of working at the director level in the glittering world of fashion and luxury goods public relations, Kronen developed, directed, and produced the multi award-winning Baby Road Trip video series.

Originally from New York City, she resides with her family in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information, please visit: and


Ryan E. Hamilton: Father, Blogger, Podcaster, Coder ~ Co-founder of “Life of Dad”

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Ryan E. Hamilton is a father, blogger, podcaster, coder and Co-founder & Chief Web Developer of Life of Dad – The Social Network for Dads. He’s also Senior Front-End Engineer for Verve Mobile, the pioneering leader in location-based mobile advertising.

Ryan is Co-host of “The Life of Dad After Show” podcast with Art Eddy and is currently promoting a new blogging/podcasting effort — called “DaddyDev” — to teach his 7-year-old son (and children and parents worldwide) how to code.

A programmer since elementary school, Ryan has developed various innovative technologies in the areas of search, mobile/iPhone applications, social networking, travel, gaming, professional sports, music/entertainment, news/media, publishing, and nonprofit marketing/fundraising.

As a social entrepreneur, Ryan is devoted to both business and philanthropy and is dedicated to bringing about positive change in America, around the world, and around the universe.


 Paul Finck: Best Selling Author, International Trainer ~ No Excuses Results Coach

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Paul Finck is an authority on the psychology of people, how to evoke instant change, and peak performance. He works with people all over the world on how to master their mind to master their life and take control of their destiny. Paul has become the “Go To” guy for results and is referred to as the No Excuses Results Coach™ . He brings to the table a vast array of skill sets including 27 years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience. He has consulted a great many industries, including the Medical, Dental, Financial, Retail Store Fronts, Informational Marketing, Real Estate, Direct Sales, MLM, and Speakers/Coaches/Trainers. His successes include moving multi-millions of dollars in Real Estate, and over $15 million in informational products in the last 8 years. Paul’s passion for life and pursuit of his dreams are self evident not only from his business success … it is also obvious in his personal life as well. He’s a devoted husband to his beauti- ful wife Deborah of 16 years, and father to THREE SETS OF TWINS. Paul Finck is the epitome of balance. He is well known for his success and awesome family, and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, CNN Live, The Jane Pauley Show, The Montell Williams Show, Channel 8 and Channel 11 News, and Parents Magazine.

Credentials Include:

• Certified Success Coach • Personal Life~Business Consultant • Best Selling Author • BS – Psychology • Real Estate Agent/Investor • Past Mortgage Agent and Mortgage Banker • Network Marketing Business Leader/Owner • 27 years in Sales, Marketing, Entrepreneurship • International Speaker & Coach


Tattfoo Tan: Recipient of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Award for Excellence in Design by Public Design Commission of The City of New York

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Tattfoo Tan’s art practice seeks to find an immediate, direct and effective way of exploring issues related to the individual in society, through which we collapse the categories of ‘art’ and ‘life’ into one. Through the employment of multiple forms of media and various platforms of presentation, Tattfoo promotes group participation between himself and an ‘audience’. Within this collaborative practice, both minds and bodies are engaged in actions that transform the making of art into a ritualized and shared experience. In keeping with the spirit of this transformative act, Tattfoo prefers to develop projects that are ephemeral and conceptual in nature.

Tattfoo has presented and shown his works in various venues and institutions including: Queens Museum of Art, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Artisphere, The City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for the Arts, Eugene Lang College, New School for Liberal Arts, Parsons the New School for Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, Macalester College, Pratt Institute, The Center for Book Arts, Bronx River Art Center, Aljira – A Center for Contemporary Art, Project Row Houses, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati and The Laundromat Project.

He has been recognized for his effort, service and artistic contributions to the community, and is a proud recipient of proclamation from The City of New York. He was also given the Twenty-Eighth Annual Award for Excellence in Design by Public Design Commission of The City of New York for his design and branding of the Super-Graphic on Bronx River Art Center.


 Debbie Pakornik: Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowering NRG ~ Author of “Standing in Your Power”


Debbie Pokornik, is a mother, natural health nut, dedicated dog owner, award winning author, social worker and enlightenment guide.  She is the Chief Empowerment Officer for her company, Empowering NRG which helps moms who struggle with a hectic home life transform their relationships so that they can feel re-energized and fall back in love with their life.

She is the author of award winning parenting books and products as well as her recent release, Standing in Your Power, A Guide for living Your Life Fully Awake. Debbie lives on a small acreage in rural Manitoba with her husband, an every changing number of teenagers, numerous pets and a yard that is far too big to keep free of unwanted plant growth.

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René Reyes: Owner of Alquimi Innovations, LLC


René’s bio is a diversified journey with a magical theme. It is woven with compassion and a vision for humanity and the planet.

René was born in the Bronx and grew up under the canopy of entrepreneurialism on a retail scale. His parents opened and owned what turned out to be a premier salon called The Joint. It grew from a small location on Boston Rd to a larger store on the Grand Concourse. And when René was 14 years old he suggested the family open a Jeans and Sneaker store; his parents listened and The Joint grew into a combined 2 store, larger location, fixture of the neighborhood. “The Joint Unisex Clothing and Haircutters”. An odd combination but a diversity that was exciting to Rene. At 15 René’s family decided that he’d leave high school and work full time in the business and continue whatever academics pursuits he has interest in on his own.

So while he worked in the business he learned construction, retail marketing, design engineering and architectural design and model making, computer programming, invented Four Player Chess and got his GED.

Today René is the owner of a relatively new business called, Alquimi Innovations, LLC. He is a partner and CTO of Alquimi Solar and has numerous designs for Solar. He has many contacts and business interests in new and emerging sustainable energy and is working towards an ambitious plan to implement vast renewable and Earth changing technology. And seemingly counter to this, René is the inventor and developer for a radical new Dating Game for online dating called Karma the Game of Destiny.

René is an abstract conceptualist and also highly logical. He is a painter, sculptor, philosopher, dreamer and visionary but he’s also highly technical and inventive and able to realize his goals even with limited resources. So without a formal education René was able to explore and learn and build and develop technology in an array of different business layers, small, medium and corporate, with companies like Time Warner Cable and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention; and he also could build a tree house in the middle of Downtown NYC for wealthy clients looking for something unique.

Alquimi Innovations’ tagline is “ideas with good karma”. It’s about a long view. Lessons learned, enjoying the business, not just building something to work. It’s about doing great and wonderful things for the world. It’s a compassion for humanity coupled with an ability to formulate paths and intent to succeed, even when there are obstacles and we don’t always have all of the information. It’s an entrepreneur having finally figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up.

In a business colloquialism, its product development geared to elevating quality of life for humanity. So while selling pizza for cash was always a practical business option, René would really only be fulfilled when he could figure out how to finance his ambitions. This is where Karma the Game of Destiny comes in.

In 2007 after a second divorce René began to study and participate in the online dating scene. His vast interests let him try lots of options. All the while, he kept thinking he could make a better site. But another Pizzeria (dating site) was not in line with Alquimi’s business model. If it were, it would have to be a better experience than what was being offered in the market; with the real goal of bringing people together, creating community and have a long view. It would also need to have an ROI and it would have to have the potential of propelling Alquimi’s products into stardom. With Karma, Rene’s believes he has tapped into all of core components of a Universal Love Vending machine. He is currently working towards the product’s launch and has a media site, publically accessible Alpha site for testing and is seeking further financing and talent to build his new company called AlquimiSoft which will be the holding company of Karma and numerous other software solutions that will come from the Incubator and design parent, Alquimi Innovations.

alquimi – pronounced like (Alchemy) derived from Latin “Alquimia”… the science of

unbounded exploration, experimentation and the adaption of something obvious…

…into something new!

Rene Reyes


David Frood: Author of “The Thinking Corporation”

DAVID FROOD - SHARP 250 All from camera Link

David spent from 1991 to 2008 working with medium to large corporations as an external consultant. Projects were associated with protecting existing income, generating new income and increasing sales force management and efficiencies. In 1989, when working for a multinational technology company, he became interested in why employees do not tell their employers ideas about new products, markets and improvements to process. As a result of studying this within many corporations over two decades he wrote “The Thinking Corporation” (2008). This book was then translated into a corporate change program that directly addresses the capacity of an organization to innovate through capturing, evaluating and implementing employee-generated ideas. “Steps to becoming A Thinking Corporation” (2014) is a summary of how to transform any organization into A Thinking Corporation.

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Sunny A. Abakwue: Author of the Book “Heaven At War”

sunny abakwue -280. author

Mr. Sunny A. Abakwue is the son of Chief and Mrs. Abakwue Ahuama. He was born in the small village, known as Umueke-Ohanze, seven miles from the city in Nigeria, known as Aba, in Abia State.

Mr. S. A. Abakwue has written eighteen published books, co-authored six other books with his older brother, Mr. Francis Abakwue. All of these books are available, not only in some bookstores, but also online:

He loves African Dance, making friends, going to church to serve God, and promoting his works through book-signings at the public libraries, appearances on both radio and television stations. Some clips of his television appearances are available online:

Learn more about his new book “Heaven At War”:

Also Visit:


Melissa Heisler: Stress Reduction Expert


Melissa Heisler is a Stress Reduction Expert. After 10 years managing and directing theatrical productions followed by a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication and 17 years in corporate marketing, the stress of high pressure, deadline driven jobs led to her own ill health mentally and physically. This started her search for a long-lasting means of approaching each situation with more ease, contentment, and power. Melissa is committed to guiding professionals to live better. Melissa is the author of From Type A to Type Me: How to Stop “Doing” Life and Start Living It.

You know the people who seem to have it all together; they come across as confident, accomplished, and successful to the outside world, and leave their friends to wonder, “How does she do it all?” American life and work culture—fast paced, deadline driven, and outcome focused—has bred Type-A personality behaviors, such as ambition, multitasking, and perfectionism. Unfortunately, Americans also have extremely high rates of depression and heart disease, which are often caused by common Type-A stressors and pressures to “have it all” and “be it all.” From Type A to Type Me is a wakeup call for Type A’s trapped by the negative side effects of the Type-A personality. Using new techniques with ancient wisdom, this book provides a down-to-earth, applicable roadmap for Type A’s to harness the values of their tendencies while releasing the rigid side effects that too often take over.

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Amy Flynn: Voice Channel for an Expression of Nonphysical Source Consciousness known as “The Collective”

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Amy Flynn is a Facilitator of Consciousness, Change and Transformation. She embodies a loving energy and spreads instant joy through channeling her connection to higher Source that can be felt in the loving energy she radiates. Known as a business and people healer, Amy quickly shifts people into a higher vibration of love to move and awaken you to remembering who you really are. She shifts and empowers those she serves to engage joyfully and powerfully with Life so they experience manifesting success after success. It is her passion passion to awaken others to the infinite, abundant, powerful and all knowing aspect of themselves!

Amy acts as the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness known as “The Collective” who lovingly transform all they teach and interact with. The Collective are multidimensional Source Guides that Amy considers the “larger non-physical aspect of herself”. Amy has been channeling and connecting with The Collective since childhood and only recently gave them the name of “The Collective” since referring to them as “my larger part” was a bit of a mouthful! The Collective are infinitely wise, loving, always joyful and along with Amy, absolutely committed to everyone’s expansion and evolutionary growth.

Amy is the creator of many powerful programs, including the paradigm shifting Call of Your Being© Series and From Chained to Freedom, “meditations that work” including the Money Reiki and Receiving Energy Alignment Meditations, Ideal Body Energy Meditation and the Instant Joy Process. She publishes the inspirational ezine “Energy Currents” and appears regularly as a transformational teacher on radio shows, Telesummits and on the Global Teleclass platform uplifting and transforming audiences worldwide.  (home of The Collective and their programs) (blog)




Karo E.K.D. Akamune: CEO of “A Day in the Life of a Technology Developer”

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Karo E.K.D. Akamune works as a Technology Developer. He is CEO of A Day in the Life of a Technology Developer, an organization committed to the growth, development, maturation and sustainability of Science & Technology — with a special focus on Emerging Economies. He works to encourage and to create the enabling environment for inventions and innovations to occur. He believes very strongly that developing countries have to be producers of Science and Technology products. They do not have to be consumers only. He places a great emphasis on these things in his speeches and interviews. [Please see:]. His Home-made Water Bicycle Documentary is available at amazon:

Also, he runs a charitable organization, Ogaga-Hillary Foundation, committed to providing education, food, shelter, clothing, and health-care to the less privileged. Mr. Akamune writes articles, short stories and poems on a wide variety of subject areas. His book, “My Mice Friends! + Poemsong!” is available in various retail outlets online.

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Lisa Duggan: Founder and CEO of American Woman Publishing LLC


Lisa Duggan is a writer, editor and entrepreneur whose passion and focus is the well being of contemporary families. She is the founder and CEO of American Woman Publishing LLC, a media company dedicated to increasing the social and emotional health of today’s families through communities, publications and The Modern Village, A Continuing Education Series for Parents. Lisa is also Associate Producer of the documentary film “Parents of the Revolution”by Dana Glazer, a film about activist parents inside the Occupy Wall Street movement. Her writing can be found at, The Huffington Post, and TheMotherhoodBlog; or you may read her very, very short stories on Twitter, @motherhoodmag



Vironika Tugaleva: Bestselling Author of the Book The Love Mindset

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Vironika Tugaleva is a people lover, inspirational speaker, reformed cynic, and bestselling author of the book The Love Mindset. She helps people suffering from mental distress heal themselves and discover their inner strength. Vironika is a new breed of people-helper who won’t call herself an expert or a guru. She will help you become the expert on yourself. You’re invited to read more about Vironika and get a free sneak preview of The Love Mindset.


Liz Vagenas: Life Coach, Recruiter, Radio Talk Show Host

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In my 22 years of experience in Human Resources, Coaching and Recruiting, I have served my clients as a partner, trusted adviser and cheerleader. My Life Coaching business, Path Defined, focuses on Executive, Career and Personal Life Transitions. Some of my most interesting work is in helping people manage and overcome the challenges of life’s transitions. Drawing from my personal and professional experiences, I address a broad scope of issues ranging from dealing with loss to starting a new career. On a Corporate level, I assist my clients in improving employee retention, advise on career changes and relocations, and help define paths to more rewarding and successful careers. At Philip Madison, an Executive Search firm specializing in Cyber Security globally, I spearhead executive level searches on a contingency and retained basis. Philip Madison advises and places talent in various Cyber Security functions, and our clients are the pioneers of Information Security Solutions and the Fortune 1000 that implement them.

My Radio Show features talented authors and corporate leaders from around the world. We discuss how each and every one has managed transitions and change, and successfully moved forward.

My upcoming book, ‘Hope and Happiness, will be released in the Spring of 2014.

My Community involvement encompasses The Boston Minstrels Group, comprised of singers and musicians who volunteer their time to the Homeless, as well as serving on the Advisory Committee of Community Gems, a Boston based organization that collaborates year round to raise money and creative initiatives that meet the diverse needs of our youth and families in the greater Boston area.


I have always had a passion, even as a young adult, for helping people look at the brighter side of life, and to know that there is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I am of the belief that we all must empower one another, and to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. I have a very positive attitude. I grew up with a passion to be a dancer, which fulfilled the creative and artful side of myself, and have always been a person who looks on the brighter side of any situation. I was married for 25 happy and fulfilling years, with two wonderful and musically gifted sons. I lost my husband, a caring, talented, loving partner and father, and a science professor in my early 50’s. The positive impact he left on our lives has been irreplaceable. My personal life experiences have given me great insight into how life can throw many challenges at us, and that, no matter what, how we manage and deal with those challenges will affect the quality and happiness of our lives forever.

I was a baby of 11 children, born and reared in the country, on a farm. I learned so much about team effort, respect, and work ethic in doing my portion of chores, learning the value of being part of a loving family, and being fortunate enough to have been able to wake up every morning and see the beautiful sun shine, roosters crow, and birds sing. I lost most of my family, parents, and husband while in my 30’s and 40’s and I find that I can look back with a few tears, a happy heart, and a positive attitude that I had the privilege of such a wonderful learning and growing experience.

I now know that you can be happy in life, no matter what the journey brings – use it to move forward, learn from it, and give yourself permission to be at peace with it. As they say – Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal. So I bring to you what I have learned and that is ‘Hope’ and ‘Happiness.’

I can be reached via my email address:


Mike Holler: World Class Fuel Economy Expert

Mike Holler, A.mpg Mike HollerK.A. mpgMike has been experimenting and researching fuel economy since 1991, and automotive performance since his pre-teen years. His intense interest in performance and fuel economy led him to develop head porting techniques of his own design that violated established rules, but delivered groundbreaking results. These studies have led Mike on journeys throughout the United States and Asia as an alternative energy consultant. He has created several training courses taught both laymen and automotive experts to improve the efficiency of vehicles. Mike is now recognized in the US federal court system as a fuel economy expert.

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~ Other members of our “People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” Planning Committee include (in alphabetical order):

Joe Aronds: Attorney ~ Assistant Vice President of Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc / President of the prominent Attorneys’ organization NJCCA
Mary Bisbee-Beek: Publicist / Adjunct Professor, Publishing Program at Portland State University
Tom Callahan: CEO of A.F.I. Answers For Issues Coaching and Consulting, LLC
Beatrice H. Davis: Chicago Publicist ~ CEO of Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc.
Bishop Yvette Flunder: Founder of The City of Refuge, UCC ~ Courageously Uniting Gospel Ministry with Social Ministry / Talented Vocalist with “Walter Hawkins and the Family” and the Grammy Award Winning Chanticleer
Jo-An Geffen: Los Angeles Publicist ~ Owner of JAG Entertainment / Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind The Song”
Dr. Jeff Hester: Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Arizona State University
Faith Holler: Computer Programer / The Greatest Website Designer in “Jersey”!
Barbara Jacoby: Business Representative for ASEA, Inc. / Founding Member of Network Plus Pro
Nella Kotlyar: CEO of Move The Cloud
Malcolm MacDonald: CEO of Blue Ocean Minerals / Malcolm was Health Consultant to singer John Denver
Akshay Nanavati: CEO of Existing2Living and Human Potential Development
Mitesh Patel: CEO & Founder of iMobile Interactive
Bishop Carlton Pearson: Author of the highly acclaimed book “The Gospel of Inclusion”, Bishop Pearson is quickly becoming known as “a voice of reason in a world of religious extremes” / A Stellar award winning vocalist with Warner Brothers & Atlantic Records, Bishop Pearson has also been nominated for the prestigious Dove Award
Elizabeth Rose: NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker, Senior Investment Counselor
Thomas Sarno: CEO of The Networker Today
Tariq Sattaur: Director of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre
Sandy Scott: Author of “From Broken Neck to Broken Records: A Masters  Cyclist’s Guide to Winning”. In recent years Sandy has won 3 national running titles and numerous cycling titles too! After breaking his neck in an accident in 2005, Sandy still won national time trials and shattered a national record too… and Sandy Scott is in his 70′s!
William Whitecloud: Internationally acclaimed Author & Facilitator / Founder of The Living From Greatness Foundation / Author of The Last Shaman / William’s first book “The Magician’s Way” was an Australian #1 metaphysical Best Seller ~ His “Living From Greatness” year long Trainings from 2000 to 2010 were the most successful Self Transformational Programs of their time