In 2013, PDHA Founder, Al Cole from CBS Radio, promised himself and his associates to establish a service that would bring like-minded people together to celebrate what would otherwise be rarely featured on CBS or other major media outlets: The honoring of those who silently serve with acts of humanitarian and creative outreach to their communities – the dedicated, inspiring, and often overlooked Unsung Heroes of our society. Al’s promise became a reality with groundbreaking, sold-out events sharing positive values and connect community to community in meaningful & dynamic ways.

~ The amazing stories of our Unsung Heroes spark the “Unsung Hero” alive in all of our Human Family!

On November 8th, 2013 in New York City, the first annual People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards became an inspirational, capacity-audience sensation! How? Due to the success of his syndicated talk show “People of Distinction” and his popularity as an author with “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, Al was able to put together a national committee of Business Leaders, Authors, Publicists, Educators, United Nations Leaders, Doctors and Attorneys whose love and dedication put it over the top!

We are convinced that there are more positive things going on in our world everyday than negative things. Most people in their heart would love to reach out to serve others if only they had the opportunity. By providing an opportunity for “Unsung”as well as “Sung” Heroes to share their stories of courage, humility and success, we can all be inspired to connect to the “Unsung Hero” within ourselves and encourage the true greatness of every woman and man on the planet!

In accepting their awards, our “Unsung” as well as “SungHeroes are also saying “thank you” to all of the lovely people who have helped them in their life paths. They are ultimately saying “thank you” for being born into the family of the greatest “UNSUNG HEROES” of them all… our brilliant and resilient Human Family!

The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards Committee has plans to establish Scholarship and Veterans funding for deserving people everywhere.

THANK YOU for joining us in our efforts! To learn more about how you can serve, please contact our Director, Al Cole: Awards@PeopleofDistinction.org / 508-669-6987

~ Watch Our Humanitarian Awards Picture Video: “UNSUNG HEROES Make The Best Heroes!” http://youtu.be/zIgS_4emYU0





 People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards

With “reality” TV, sitcoms, crime dramas, movies, and other media often shooting out the message that we can raise ourselves by diminishing others, degradation seems to have become “cool”. Cynicism has filtered into our daily lives and has sometimes become the “normal” mode of our thought and action. ~ Is this the “reality” we wish to incorporate as the substance of our deepest human values? And is this “reality” the code under which we truly wish to raise our children? We, the organizers of “The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards”, believe that the hearts and souls of compassionate human beings would answer a resounding “NO!” We see on the horizon many who look to uplift others, ease their pain, and “give humanity a fishing rod”. These individuals do so with a genuine love for their fellow man. “The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” aim to herald these UNSUNG HEROES and hold them in public esteem. ~ To “The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards”, success is redefining “Cool” as the courage to do good for our Human Family! … And doing good for our Human Family can hit the heights of Media Entertainment!

Modus Operandi

“The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” ceremony is a pioneering project. The group must make the rules as they go. Since “cool” has traditionally been defined by pop culture, “People of Distinction” hopes to enlist icons to deliver the message of the “new Cool” to their fans. Categorically, every realm of pop culture could be included: Celebrities in the areas of film, TV, the literary field, music, business, the medical field, sports, politics, education… all offering their special brand of wisdom to help edify our Human Family. Each Award will be announced by a different icon, where the celebrity has the opportunity to deliver a special message to those that esteem their accomplishments. Vast media coverage for the event is of course imperative, reaching the greatest audience with the message of our dedication to human energy & compassion.

Long Term Goals

“The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” is the connective force for many different categories of excellence, as there are many people uplifting others in many different ways. It is hoped that in two to five years, some of these categories can be upgraded to Awards Ceremonies of their own: People of Distinction Education Awards, Environmental Awards, New Technology Awards, etc. The first Awards Ceremony would be a mere “tapping on the shoulder” to get people’s attention. Repetition of exposure will successfully pervade the popular lexicon. The parallel would be as in the sixties when “peace, love and understanding” became buzzwords… but this time we mean to make the buzzwords stick! With the help of our many celebrity, business and everyday “Joe and Josephine” partners, our People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards and its mammoth after-shock of cultural awareness will make sure that “elevating and uplifting our Human Family” truly sticks in the media mindset!

Financing & Charitable Contributions

The Awards will solicit funding from philanthropic donors, as well as commercial enterprise. A premier sponsor is sought to carry the name tied to the event (in the way Progressive Insurance was tied to the X-Prize Automotive 100 MPG Fuel Economy Race). A sizable portion of each donation and sponsorship will be itself donated to the charity of that donor’s or sponsor’s choice. In addition, the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards will feature extensive media recognition of all donors, sponsors and charities associated with our event.


“The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” has the potential to bring great resources to those making considerable contributions to mankind. It also possesses the wondrous possibility to create a SHIFT IN PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS with Honorees, Speakers and Associates openly and inspiringly addressing what we, in our professions and in the conduct of our everyday lives, can offer all men and women to uplift our lives and give a piece of our personal legacy back to our Human Family!





By Al Cole from CBS Radio:
Host of the popular syndicated Talk Show “People of Distinction”

It never hurts to say “I love you”. We know this. But did we also know that we can help each other grow by learning to say “thank you” as well? When we take a little time out for gratitude, we can accomplish miracles in our lives. We can connect ourselves to the inherent genius of our human heritage.

The “People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” will be one way of saying “thank you”. Thank you for the industry, talents and high minded accomplishments of our “Unsung Hero” Honorees. Each of our “People of Distinction” Honorees will have gone that extra mile to have elevated the dignity of members of our Human Family. They may have quietly lifted a burden, planted a seed, which then allowed the potential of other human beings to thrive.

… But even more than that, the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards will be a way for each of our “Unsung Heroes” to thank others for the opportunity of having been guided to those accomplishments in the first place. They will graciously thank those whose legacies they have built upon, and truly honor their amazing accomplishments as well.

For gratitude gives direction to our accomplishments. It guides those accomplishments graciously to the betterment of the hearts and souls of others! We usher in new life, new hope, each time we thank someone else for their contributions to thought and to excellence; each time we let someone else’s achievements shine inside of our own accomplishment sphere. Whenever we acknowledge greatness in another, we are tacitly acknowledging greatness in us all. Why? Because we were all created that way! We all possess the seed of
genius which is our birth heritage as humans.

Let the model of accomplishment of The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards serve as inspiration for evincing excellence in each member of our Human Family. All we need is to give each other an equal chance. An equal chance in upbringing, an equal chance in education, an equal chance in prosperity.

Love will grant us our equal chance. Each human being alive has experienced in the depths of his or her loving relationships the stirring power and accomplishments that can create a whole new panorama of human wisdom. Love is the unquestionable key to human genius. “People of Distinction Unsung Heroes” will spark brilliance in all whom they touch, through the brilliance of each of their lives; through the love that each of them has for his or her chosen vocation and passion…. and for all of those behind the scenes who they have to thank for that brilliance, for that passion.

We can make our “People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” one of the most important conferences of our time, as long as we never forget to say “thank you“. Thank you for our individual opportunities, but also for the opportunity of learning from each other. Let’s learn to open ourselves up to the opportunity of being edified by the everyday Joe and Josephine… because they have earned the honor of edifying us by virtue of the fact that they too are alive; that they too are thinking, feeling contributors to the greatness of our Human Family. We are honored by sharing the same earth together, by breathing the same air… we are elevated by the honor of simply having been born at all!

Let us be up to the task of passing this honor of life down to our children. Let’s give them a reason also to say “thank you”. Thank you for our present, thank you for our future. Thank you for the present of our future. Thank you for our lives in a world where one beautiful life has now tenderly gripped the other. Where the light from our awesome collective Human Genius can now be said to have forever outshined the sun!

… And now allow me to say “Thank You”! I’m honored to be the Director of the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards!

~ Creating excellence in people’s lives!

People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards Logo; an open hand with the earth hovering.

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