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Our People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards has been invited to honor US CONGRESSMAN ROB WITTMAN of Virginia, and so many more on September 13, 2016, 5:30pm-8pm (Dress Code: Business). Yes, our PDHA after only 3 years is now featured on CAPITOL HILL at the prestigious Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC.

~ Donations accepted: Suggested donation is just $50. All donations are used to cover the costs of our Awards Ceremony. After registration, you’ll receive your E-Confirmation.

To register for our event and/or to donate, please click our Donation Button or contact Executive Director, Al Cole: Awards@PeopleOfDistinction.org / 508-669-6987

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The People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation

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AL COLE, Executive Director: People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards & MASTER OF CEREMONIES

Al Cole from CBS Radio is known for his outstanding broadcasting, public speaking, literary and musical achievements. Al is published by the international book line “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. He’s the talk show host of the nationally syndicated “People of Distinction”.

* The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards is the events arm of Al Cole’s Non-Profit Organization The People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation.


1- Rayburn House Office Building -THIS- 320-Web (PDF) - sharp-2



Our “People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards” have been a HUGE SUCCESS!!

To Expand With Us, contact our Executive Director, Al Cole:

AlColeHolic@gmail.com or 508-669-6987


~ ALSO: One of our Featured Authors: James Summers, Author of “Picking Murphys”


James Summers was a member of the United States Army Reserves during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Activated but never deployed overseas, he spent the better portion of six months waiting several times a day for a trip that never came. Honorably discharged afterwards, he spent his days learning computers and broke into the IT field where he still works today. Writing was always a passion with James, and now he’s the author of an exciting new book: “Picking Murphys”. Picking Murphys is an adult psychological horror thriller and it’s beginning to cause quite a stir. Although a book about horror, Picking Murphys is based on a unique and actually very positive twist to life. And here it is:

Goodness and morality are always present in each and everything we do. You see it in heroes, in villains, in everyday man. James takes you down the road where good is beset upon all sides by decisions that for better or worse help shape the person you would hope to become. There are always casualties along the way, and although defeated evil may reappear in another form, there will always be someone available to fight the good fight. Look not to others to do the right thing for you, look inwards of yourself and try to be that person.

The Picking Murphys plot takes place around the wonderful vacation town of Murphys, California. Follow a family of four as they are set upon by an evil spirit on the way to their trip of a lifetime. Although a pair of good spirits is never far behind, they always seem to fall short when attempting to determine why the evil has centered on that family. Lose yourself in the wilds of California as you become engrossed in a vengeful evil spirit that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Detailed dreams and nightmares convolute reality, shocking you to your core. There is always enough good to prevail if one can dig deep enough to find it. This book was published on 2/15/16.

As mentioned, writing was always a passion with James, and with the books from authors such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, and R. L. Stine never far from reach, it was only a matter of time.

Visit James Summers and order Picking Murphys at www.peggylanders.com





Due to the huge success of his nationally syndicated talk show “People of Distinction“, humanitarian broadcaster and “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author, Al Cole from CBS Radio was urged to expand his efforts. Starting out with the establishment of his People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation, CEO Al Cole, on New Years Day 2013, made a New Years resolution. His resolve was to honor courageous, inspiring, and dedicated Unsung Heroes who make the world a better place through their great humanitarian work. Al’s conviction is that by providing an opportunity for Unsung Heroes to share their stories of courage, humility and success, we can all work together to inspire others to be better, do better and encourage the true greatness of our Human Family!

~ With this sort of inspired commitment, and with the help of our People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards Committee, the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards was born!


A stellar committee of dedicated, passionate professionals who have worked together to make the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards a reality! They are Business Leaders, Authors, Publicists, Educators, United Nations Leaders, Doctors, Lawyers and more.


We honor many of the world’s best kept secrets: Selfless, courageous and inspiring “Unsung Heroes” who are off of the radar screen of major media and public attention – it’s now their turn to shine! They, at last, sing their valiant songs to an applauding mass public.

We honor them through their presence at our Awards Celebration and through Video Documentaries of their amazing heroic stories!

Here are some of our People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards “Unsung Heroes”:

Dr. Gordon Sumner: CEO of Gordon Sumner Consulting: Servicing Disabled Veterans / Veterans Moving Forward, Inc. / Military Order of The Purple Heart Dr. Irene Butter, PhD in Economics, is a courageous survivor of the Holocaust. She was instrumental in helping to start the Raoul Wallenberg Award that the University of Michigan offers every year. There’s wonderful video footage of Irene introducing the Dalai Lama when he received the award. ~ Pastor Chukwunenye Onuoha (A life of service to others... in Africa and in the USA!)
~ Dr. Gordon Sumner (A dedicated public servant who assists Veterans, especially those with mental and/or physical challenges, to live a wonderful, full life!) ~ Dr. Irene Butter (A courageous Holocaust Survivor pointing the Way to a better future for our Human Family!) ~ Pastor Chukwunenye Onuoha (A life of service to others… in Africa and in the USA!)
Laurel Kaufer_sm Father Powis, 75, is a spiritual leader in our world and, as such, rates deep respect. Yes. But true respect is EARNED, and Father Powis has earned every bit of our RESPECT due to his love of Humanity… and his 50 years of creative and Christly troublemaking since taking his vows in 1959! The AIDS orphans in Swaziland, Africa are courageous CHILDREN living in some of the poorest areas of Africa who, due to the AIDS epidemic that killed their parents, are now raising their own brothers and sisters!
~ Attorney, Laurel Kaufer (A compassionate Professional Mediator who fights for the rights of Women Inmates in our Prison System!) ~ Brooklyn Priest, Father John Powis (“The Rebel With a Cause!”) ~ The AIDS Orphans in Africa (Some of the Greatest Unsung Heroes of our Century!)
Becki Hawkins is a marvel. When most of us turn away from dealing with the subject of cancer, Becki welcomes cancer patients into her life. A 30-year Oncology/Hospice Nurse, Becki has touched the lives of her patients with patience, and with those very special intangibles of love and compassion. Meet Dr. Craig Oster: A 19 year survivor of ALS (Lou Gerhig's disease). ~ Hungarian born, Vera Matty... writes with passion ('Helping others is something that comes to me naturally')
~ Becki Hawkins (A 30-year Oncology/Hospice Nurse who touches the lives of her patients with patience!) ~ Dr. Craig Oster (A 19 year survivor of ALS (Lou Gerhig’s disease) ~ Hungarian born, Vera Matty… writes with passion (“Helping others is something that comes to me naturally”)
Helping children & adults to stand up against Bullying... for a brighter Political Future! ~ Mr. Larry Johnson (All-round Humanitarian!)
~ Steve Fagan (Helping children & adults to stand up against bullying… for a brighter Political Future!) ~ Mr. Larry Johnson (All-round Humanitarian!)  ~ Bonnie Conn-Oster (A wonderful example of Motherhood in our world!)
Parker B. Pennington (World Class Skater who serves Muscular Dystrophy too!)

or 508-669-6987

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